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oad, walk under the Qing Chu will be able to distinguish the first market, Jiao is the direction from the Big East had two Qiao Hai on to, catch a friend of the former Spring Garden burst into 3 rows of 4 Xiao Wu, the boss of the old fresh off edge of the Hai processing shop, his family had moved to the first market across the Hai Men of imported fresh street, 145 Xinmin Street, the old name is fresh off edge Hai processing shop, Xiao Wu to remember that the next call, seated small Wu's wife with Zhuo Hai to buy fresh because of the Zhi homework done before the Internet, be they pick the most respected Huo Dian Shi Le spot shrimp, crab, fish, Dian Dian Hai gall, also bought a white snail Huo scallops, Xiao Wu master of the craft well, stir Huo Xiang music is good to eat crab, boiled shrimp was fresh, and steamed scallops garlic fans, Hai bile steam Danjia great, when Mi is really very little of Hai fresh, and now think of it flow out saliva Jiao eight Hai oh ~~~~~ We processed a total of 400 yuan with fresh. Yang Xiao Wu after full market Men take us to buy fruit imports, the first novel to see so many so much fruit Huo Huang small flat green of the yen's Mango, purchasing a Fan back to the hotel after eating the second round. Speaking of fruit, but not necessarily have a wide range of delicious, delicious mango, mangosteen nectarine wax Dian Dian Dian one kind of green when Mi value tinkling recommended dates, fire striped papaya fruit Huo Hai much cheaper than the last, Boshi garnet Huo pineapple (green looks like a pear, not Bo dill) is not recommended, but expensive not tasty.

freight from Shenzhen to Hai mouth before the third day since we booked the studio Men Classic Short UGG Boots when Mi shoot a wedding, it is not Guixun, the only teaching Fen is painful, old Po wearing a strapless fitted took a whole day, Jing Ran no sunscreen, no results when Shi Jue tinkling in the evening a shower, two shoulders on the red also in great pain, touch not tinkling, was said to have a dermatologist once burned, which reminds us of Yang in Sanya light must not begrudge the sunscreen! studio Miss Jiao also suggested that we do not wear clothes to go shopping island, or island wear clothing equal to the write Zhuo Zhuo, Xiao Wu, will know Shop UGG boots in london that we have come very far, far Shop UGG boots in london from it beckons to us, today, Cobalt and more guests, we also fight a couple tables Huo, Xiao Wu, the boss is busy, but I think, they will buy their own Hai fresh, buy The Huo yesterday almost, also bought his own several Hai Lo had never seen Shop UGG boots in london , (not very good, the hard), Xiao Wu, the boss said that they generally do not introduce the guests ugg adirondack short boot to eat snails, so buy fresh Shi Hai let them take you to pick a certain Jiao.

fourth day to lazy to 9 Dim Jue, full buffet breakfast to eat Sanya travel itinerary Die: Wuzhizhou. hide, not Yang Sanya light is not Shop UGG boots in london ugg women s classic tall black Sanya, I Jue tinkling this sentence does not leave a Dim, and Yang Guo did not show the light ugg discount boots ugg boots available now Wuzhizhou not Wuzhizhou. Fortunately, the day Yang bright light, the day before lessons taught Fen, I Huo old Po painted all over sunscreen of Men, is also scheduled to star Shop UGG boots in london in Sanya, Huo friends to. one on Che Jing Ran is found in a chat last night to eat fresh Shi Hai designate the same table, Replica Louis Vuitton Bags Gordon Shi fellow, not only talk but also talk , Bi talk about this experience, chat in the evening they heard that we plan to bead Nantian Spa Promotions, said Jiao after they go. Wuzhizhou came all the way to drive Ju, Shi ship at the pier so stubborn in the old Po's strong

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